Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best Bresaola yet

I know I've posted about Bresaola a couple times already. I realize it's not really sexy anymore. However, I found it noteworthy solely based on the result. This is as close to perfection I think that I could get. Looking at the individual thinly cut slices, you can see the slight marbling in the beef. You can also see on the outside that there is absolutely no case hardening and it's overall lovely rosy tint. This is a salumi I make over and over for one simple reason............I like to eat it, and so does everyone else, it's a real crowd pleaser. For entertaining purposes, I slice a bunch like you see in the picture, pile a bunch of pickled artichokes in the middle and drizzle with a really good olive oil. As far as taste, this one is dynamite. What's peculiar about this particular bresaola is that I forgot about it. I put it in to cure, which was sage, rosemary and juniper, along with salt, sugar, pepper and cure #2, of course. Put it in a Ziploc and into the refrigerator. I usually do 14-15 days on bresaole. Well, this one got lost in the shuffle and spent 21 days in the cure. I thought it would be a bit salty, or overwhelmed by juniper. Wrong. I think the juniper may have somehow mellowed, because there is only a slight, pleasant hint of it. The salt content was fine, not salty at all. I think 21 days will be be the new curing time for all bresaole I make. Very pleased with this one as you can tell. I'll be even happier to make it disappear.