Saturday, August 31, 2013

What I've been up to

Long lag between posts.  Anyone following me on twitter and/or facebook has seen this picture.  This is some of the salumi I've produced with the mosefund mangalitsa I've been using.  The 2 larger salami were the result of laziness at the end of casing.  I decided to case what was left in the stuffer in a bung as opposed to cleaning more casings.  Turns out, stuffing salami in bungs is just as time consuming as it is in their normal casings.  After all the smacking and massaging, it may have even taken longer.  The 2 stuffed in bungs are finocchietto(originally, becomes finocchiona in the bung). and soppressata.  The smaller salame is ciauscolo.  I could probably do a post on it, if anyone's interested.  Pardon the appearance of the coppa, it appears to be a bit more firm than I would usually allow.  Finally, the star of the show, culatello.  Absolutely stunning to look at and even better to eat.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just figured I would post a Mosefund "money shot."