Saturday, April 16, 2011

'Nduja quickie

Won't bore anyone with details of a salume about which I've posted several times already. What sets this particular batch apart from the others is #1, I used hog middle end caps to case them, and #2, I used some sweet pepper powder or pepe rosso in addition to peperoncino powder. The hog middle caps are significant in that along with hog middles, they are what are used to case 'nduja in Calabria. The sweet pepper powder/pepe rosso was used this time as a means of correcting the color I've had in prior batches. My previous efforts have been a touch too dark. After several discussions with Rosetta, author of "My Calabria" she suggested I use the pepe rosso to get that fantastic, glowing red color. I decided on using 17% peperoncino powder, along with 13% of the pepe rosso. I think Rosetta had it right, and I think I nailed it, just look at the color. I decided to avoid prolonged smoking this time in an effort to preserve this great color. Whether or not that had anything to do with it's color is not definitive, but, why take a chance. So, just 2 days smoking. However, I lit the smoker from both ends to increase the intensity of the smoke and cut down on actual smoking time, 2 sessions of 8 hours each and they smelled much smokier than in the past at the same smoke hour. Usually, I ferment for about 48-72 hours, then smoke. But, I had a couple days in the northeast where it was about 60-65 during the day, so, I smoked during the fermentation phase, and I believe it was pretty successful. Hung to dry for about 60 days. Other than that, nothing else special to discuss. Just eager to see how this one turns out.