Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mosefund Speck di spalla/schulterspeck

I just realized that I posted about this as a 'before' item as well as used it as the header pic for the blog without posting the results.  Sorry about that.  So, after a touch under 4 months, it was ready.  Really not much I can say about it, that the picture can't tell you.  It tastes just like it looks......amazing.  The recipe is different from my normal speck made from a ham.  This has just fresh rosemary, allspice and garlic.  Nice and austere.  It was smoked for the typical 5 days using beech dust.  I'm starting to believe that the wood used for smoking really does make a huge difference.  Everything I've smoked with beech tastes exactly like what I ate in Ortisei.  I don't suggest any other wood if you're doing this at home.  This is really quite simple(casing aside, read the original post to see why it was cased), start with top quality raw ingredients and anyone can produce the same results.