Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guanciali pronti

Here is the finished product from the previous guanciale post. Cured for 1 week, dried in the regular refrigerator for 3 weeks on a rack. Looks perfect, smells excellent. Fried up a piece............ outstanding. In my opinion, pancetta doesn't hold a candle to this lovely beast. Going to use some this weekend in a pasta dish with rosemary and dried apricot.


  1. Great blog! I found the link over on curedmeats. I am currently making Guanciale for the first time. The recipes I have call for longer drying times (2-6 mo) than you used. Have you tried dying longer?


  2. The remains of this guanciale is still in my refrigerator. So, technically, it is still aging, and only getting better. Since I only use it as a cooked item, the 3 week dry is long enough. Thank you for the compliment.