Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bacon results

Sorry for my little break in posting. Went on vacation for the better part of two weeks. Anyway, here are the bacons. From left there is the sage, ginger garlic, then the cocoa bacon, and on the left is the rosemary, fennel seed, honey bacon. The sage ginger bacon is a homerun. The cocoa bacon tastes like plain old bacon, the cocoa seems to have been overwhelmed by the smoke. You can kind of smell the cocoa a little, but there is really no taste of it. Still, it's bacon, and it's good. The rosemary, fennel bacon is delicious. The honey adds the perfect hint of sweetness. I really am a little disappointed in the cocoa bacon. I thought at least I would get a backdrop of chocolate. Any suggestions for future chocolate bacon cures are welcome.


  1. I had a thought about this cocoa bacon business last night...

    Perhaps crusting it in cocoa nibs while it is in the cure is the key. The nibs might impart more flavour because I find they have more oils in them.

    Just a thought...

  2. I'm willing to try anything. I really want to get this to work. Come to think of it. I did cure this with a lot of hot pepper powder as well, that didn't seem to come through either. I even used apple wood to smoke, as it is a lighter flavor than hickory. Nibs it will be, I suppose, barring another viable option.