Thursday, July 28, 2011

Capocollo di Calabria via Mosefund Farm

After 5+ months of waiting, we finally have a result. And what an amazing result it is! Thanks again to Michael Clampffer from Mosefund Farm for providing me with the best raw material available. This one is really simple. I've made coppe in the past and posted about them in fairly good detail. This Capocollo is simple as far as these things go. Simply cured with salt and cure #2 for a couple weeks. It was then removed and rinsed in a red wine vinegar bath, patted dry and rolled in peperoncino powder to cover. Stuffed in a beef bung, allowed to
'ferment" overnight and hung to dry for the aforementioned 5 months. One thing I've been doing differently lately, and I did with this capocollo, is soaking the casings in the actual mold dilution as opposed to spraying them. There is quite a difference in mold coverage. Soaking them provides a much heavier, consistent mold cover. However, the dilution is rubbish upon completion of stuffing. So, if you're a mold miser, this process is not for you. I find it quite effective and reliable and will continue to employ it. If you plan on making this, please do not sully your meat by using paprika or cayenne, use the real thing.


  1. fantastic. Love the idea of soaking the casing in mold solution. pure genius my friend!

  2. Thanks, Matt. It really works well, so much easier than the spraying nonsense.

  3. Scott: This looks awesome! where can I find a beef bung?

    also, I like the idea of soaking the casing and will use it myself.

    all the best.

  4. Thanks, Todd. You can get the bungs at Butcher-Packer