Monday, August 8, 2011

Mosefund Mangalitsa Lonzino di Calabria

As you can probably tell, I didn't take this photo. It was taken by Michael Clampffer. This is lonzino, yes Lonzino. I looks like no lonzino I've ever seen, either. The marbling is just sick. Looks more like beef. This was done in the exact same fashion as the capocollo from my previous post. The
loin was cured with only salt and cure #2. It was then removed, rinsed, then rolled around in peperoncino powder to coat. Finally, I stuffed it in a beef bung and left to dry for about 2 months. I think next time I think I'll add crushed red pepper flake as well. While casing these, a lot of the peperoncino powder was rubbed off, making the spiciness inconsistent from slice to slice. A little flake should provide a some consistency. It tasted as good as it looks. Silky and rich with a nice hint of heat. Awesome stuff.


  1. Seriously, your blog gives me fits of crazed meat-hunger! I make some charcuterie, too, but haven't moved up to the more complicated cured salamis and such. Need a dry box first and some of the lactic cures. I have a slab of pancetta curing and another hanging right now. I'm off to go find something that might satisfy my cravings now. Great blog!

  2. That is sick Marbling. I just recently made lonzino from a Full loin from sams Club(drying as of Saturday 1/14/12) and it definitely does not have the marbling of that meat. Though I had never made one before, I had a feeling that the heat from a 50/50 blend of sweet paprika and cayenne alone wouldn't be enough considering the thickness of the meat, so I upped the ante a bit and ground up fresh hot pepper flakes, recently dried Serrano chiles and added black pepper to the blend.

  3. Thanks, Galason. Let me know how that turns out, sounds good.