Saturday, March 17, 2012

Soppressata di Calabria results

Here is the result of my previous post. Just about 2 months after it was hung to dry, most of them are ready. Yes, they taste as good as they look. I don't think there's much to tweak here. The heat is subtle, yet apparent. It also lingers pleasantly for several minutes after eating. I may just bump the amount of hot pepper powder a touch, as I'd like perhaps a little more up front heat. The amount of hot pepper paste is perfect, I think. Just the right amount of salt as well. These were removed at between 44-45% weight loss, they felt pretty stiff, but proved to still be a good deal moist inside. Overall, very happy with this and it will remain a constant in the repertoire.


  1. your lean to fat ratio looks lovely in those slices

  2. Looks great! Here in my town in Calabria, we just use salt, ground hot pepper, and ground peperoncino dolce (sweet) mixed with the meat -- and yes of course pig casings; we just butchered our pig a few weeks ago so nothing cured is quite ready yet, but she's given us a fabulous ragù and pork chops already :)

  3. I only used 12-15% fat in this, but, it looks like enough to me as well.

    Michelle: I used to make it with just powders, but, I found a DOP recipe that uses crema, so, I figured I'd use it. I'd love more of your input on all my salumi Calabresi!!!! Thanks.

  4. scott--looks great, tried my hand at this---had quite a bit of slimy mold on the outside of the casing---do you have any idea what I did wrong---seems like the mold has a distinct odor and that the the sopresatta has taken the odor and its part of the taste now---everything else looked perfect--any ideas

  5. Hey Scott --

    Long time viewer, first time poster.
    Just want to say this looks phenomenal. I've been looking to make an authentic soppressata like this for quite a while. Any chances that you would provide measurement ratios on the ingredients you used?


  6. The dry sausage looks good. Whats the best way to get these.