Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mosefund Lonzardo

Another lovely cut provided to me by Michael Clampffer at Mosefund farm. This is simply a loin with the fat cap still attached. It is a loin(lonza) + backfat(lardo), hence the "lonzardo" designation. It is the same cut as in my previous Speck di carre' post. In fact, it's the other half of the same piece. This is the loin end. I was unsure about what to do with this. So, urged by Jason to just let the meat do all the talking, I obliged and took the path of austerity. I cured this only with sea salt, cure#2 and black pepper for 17 days. Rinsed it, and, again, contrary to tradition, cased it, same as the speck di carre'. One thing I haven't mentioned previously when dealing with cuts such as this. It is about 60/40 fat/meat percentage. Conventionally, you would consider any given whole muscle would be nearing readiness at the 30% weight loss plateau. However, since this cut contains a freakishly disproportionate amount of fat, you can throw convention out the window. Super high quality fat like this contains about ZERO moisture. That being the case, weight loss does not occur as it would normally. I believe this was removed after 9 weeks at only 25% loss. I had to go strictly by feel with these. Not the fat cap either, just the lean. Again, I am happy with the fact that I cased this. I really don't think this could have turned out any tastier.


  1. That looks great! I can only imagine what it tastes like, but I'll bet showing off the meat with minimal spices was a perfect choice for a great cut like that!

  2. Yes, Jaymo, i think it was the right way to go. Checked out your blog, been thinking about trying homebrewing, loks like you got it locked down!

  3. Fat layer is dizzying. Do you know of any pork producers/processors that have a planing table to cut backfat into sheets of bard to line terrines and wrap roasts?

    1. Sorry, off hand I don't know of any.

  4. What did you use to case this? I have a similar cut off a tamworth that I want to do up and was considering casing as well. Largish piece however so I don't want to waste time and product.

  5. I'm surprised you got to 25% loss after only 9 weeks. My mangalitsa lonza (also about an inch of fat around it) only got to 25% after 14 weeks. The other lonza is still just 23% and my pancettas are between 11% and 14%. Clearly more fat content means less water and associated weight loss. Hope that means I'll be able to keep it hanging as I'm only able to eat so much salumi each day!