Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Creation of this blog

I decided to create this blog primarily in an effort to quit pestering others and hijacking their blogs., This gentleman, in particular. Thank you, Jason. Anyway, just hung some venison salami. I've developed a good relationship with my butcher after so many visits. He set aside a nice piece of lean shoulder roast for me along with 2 nice pork jowls. (all percentages in parentheses are percentages of the weight of total meat)

Venison salame: 1745G in total
1222G lean venison-70%
523 G pork back fat-30%
red pepper-7G(.4%)
cure #2-4.4G(.25%)
fresh garlic-7G(.4%)
red wine- .5 cup
F-LC starter-1G(.06%) dissolved in .25 cup water with a pinch of dextrose.

Lean and fat chilled to a touch under 32 degrees, ground together on course die of KA grinder attachment. Spice mixture was ground up in a mini food processor and added to the meat in the kitchen aid bowl. With the paddle attachment, the meat and spices were mixed at low speed for 2 minutes. The red wine was added at the beginning, the starter culture was added for the last minute of the process. The meat was then stuffed into 3 43mm collagen casings. The salami were sprayed with M-EK-4 mold mixture. They were then fermented in the oven with the door ajar and the light on for 48 hours at roughly 70-75 degrees(placed inside tupperware containers to maintain high humidity). They are being hung in my drying chamber at 52-55 degrees with 68-75%RH.

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