Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poor Man's Prosciutto

You're looking at a roughly 3lb. boneless ham(or portion thereof). Since the uptake of the actual prosciutto is both time consuming and intimidating, I decided to go with a boneless rendition of a Len Poli recipe. I have every desire to tackle the king of all cured meats, just not the ability to properly babysit an entire hog's leg for about a year. This will have to do......for now. Anyway, I went with a cure of fresh thyme, fresh garlic, coriander and fennel seed, along with the usual salt, pepper, sugar and cure #2. Poli's recipe called for a 5 day cure of 400-500g chunks. However, it looked in his picture like there were several chunks stuffed together in the ham stocking. I am choosing to cure it in one, solid piece for 10 days. As far as the drying, I'll play that by ear. Most likely, right around the time Mr. Poli suggests.


  1. I can't wait to learn more about how this works.


  2. I just overhauled the ham, it feels pretty well cured. I may bag it ahead of schedule.