Thursday, April 23, 2009

Porcini, sage and marsala salame

Pulled this one out today. This is a porcini, sage and dry marsala salame. This is in a 43mm collagen casing. I took some dried porcini mushrooms and ground them into a powder to be used a spice, along with some dried sage and dry marsala wine(sounds like a lot of "dry"). For all that dry, it still is a little wet, which is why I retured it to the chamber. But, not without first tasting it. If you think it sounds a little odd, it certainly doesn't taste it at all. This is my finest tasting salame to date(I don't have too many under my belt, so, take that with a grain of salt). it really tastes wonderfully. The porcini imparts some earthiness without being overwhelming(I was worried), the sage is a nice compliment to the porcini. There is just a touch of sweetness from the marsala wine. If anything, maybe a touch salty, but, this IS salted, cured meat................One thing was a little baffling about this salame, and that was from it's fermentation. It never seemed to really firm up, like I mentioned above, it's still not super firm, especially for having been drying for about a month. Regardless, this salame really is fantastic. I will update when I pull out the 2 60mm chubs still drying. I want to let them get really firm, we'll see.


  1. Scrolling down, I glanced at the title and did a double take: I thought it said porcini, sage, and malaria salame! Marsala sounds much better! I'll have to give this combination a try…